Guiding Principles


Humanity constitutes a single, organic whole. This growing awareness of our interconnectedness, common heritage and interdependent future is reshaping our understanding of ourselves and challenges the ways of contemporary society. This principle implies that human organization, in its many forms, best achieves its aspirations when characterized by harmony, reciprocity and cooperation. 

Unity in Diversity

The growing consciousness of a common humanity lying beneath the surface of our different identities does not imply uniformity, but unity. Unity implies diversity. Diversity needs to be harnessed to enrich collective inquiry and inform unified action dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Recognizing, welcoming and drawing on diversity is a critical capacity organizations are working to develop.

Search for Understanding

Human beings possess an innate desire to learn and to gain knowledge of the inner and outer realities of the universe. There is a longing in every human heart for meaning. This thirst for understanding is the most powerful source of motivation and needs to be at the core of human resource development.


Knowledge, not economic growth, is the chief propellant of human well being and the advancement of civilization. Access to knowledge is a fundamental right of every human being, and involvement in its generation, application and dissemination is a responsibility of all. Organizations need to develop policies, structures and instruments that foster meaningful participation.


Knowledge is generated and applied in a dynamic process of learning, characterized by action, reflection, consultation and study within in evolving conceptual framework. We 

Twofold Purpose

The growth and development of the individual and the advancement of society are inseparable, they are intimately linked and must be pursued simultaneously. The conduct and behaviour of the individual shape his or her environment and, in turn, are moulded by social structures and processes.