Cognita is a special learning initiative undertaken by Calience Research and eCaliber Group in collaboration with practitioners within the settlement sector in Canada. 

Its primary concern is with the matter of participation: How can the inhabitants of neighborhoods become active participants of community building and social development; how can they assume responsibility for the planning and implementation of efforts aimed at improving their social and economic well-being, contributing to sound, welcoming, peaceful and prosperous communities.

Of particular interest is how to release the vast reservoir of capacity and goodwill that resides among immigrants who make up a growing percentage of communities across the country. How can processes be strengthened and enhanced that enable newcomers to draw on elements of culture that find constructive expression as they contribute to positive social progress in their communities.


Knowledge Generation and Application in Settlement Organizations

Our first initiative examined the capacity of settlement organizations to generate and apply knowledge in the content of their work. Action-research has been ongoing since early 2016 and an initial report of insights will be made available shortly.


Competencies of Frontline Settlement Counselors in Canada

A second initiate involved an in-depth exploration of the competencies of frontline settlement workers in Canada, a project undertaken with the support of CEIRC, Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counseling

Two reports are available. The first provides an overview of the settlement sector and efforts to build capacity in its frontline workers over the past several decades. The second is a final report of findings, including a proposed set of competencies. Calinece and e-caliber are currently working to further elaborate theses competencies and, in collaboration with our partners, develop training content.


We will keep this page updated as our action-research advances.